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The framework for scaling success in digital marketing is provided by technical SEO.

Technical SEO Services

Effective execution is essential to maintaining performance.

Websites that provide high-quality, user-friendly experiences are given more weight by search engines and are ranked higher as a result. That means having a strong digital foundation is crucial for today's businesses. The beginning of such strong foundation is technical SEO.

Our technical team creates the foundation for effective digital marketing. It's not glamorous job, but every website requires a solid technical SEO foundation, just like every home needs a good foundation. To help your site rank higher than your rivals, pay attention to these essential details that improve a site's performance.

Our technical SEO services include a wide range of geeky optimization techniques that fascinate our SEOs. Our qualified team is aware of the subtleties of technical SEO and knows how to get the best results for your money. Trust our staff to take your website to the next level with the affordable SEO services that only Astro Marketing can provide.

Technical Site Audits

A deep-dive into your website’s technical profile

Examine the technical aspects of your website to get knowledge about its operation and spot areas that could want improvement. The audits conducted by our technical SEO team include numerous important milestones, such as:

Penalty Recovery

Have you been hit with a penalty?

Our skilled SEO team has identified and successfully restored the reputation of countless websites over the years, whether you were working with another agency that didn't adhere to recommended practices or you dropped off the results page for reasons that are unclear.

Speed Optimization

No one wants to … wait for a … slow … loading … website.

If your website loads like a William Shatner monologue, a speed tune-up can improve your search performance. Google has a history of rewarding websites that load quickly, particularly on mobile (AMP).

Let our team run a speed test on your site to get the ball rolling.

We’ll report back our findings and recommended steps to achieve maximum performance.

Website Migration

Meticulously managed website migrations

Growing companies frequently adopt new online platforms, domain names, or switch to secure browsing (HTTPS). There are several potential issues that could arise throughout the migration process, which could hurt your site's functionality and reduce visitors.

Proper execution of a site migration is critical to retain performance.

The thousands of websites that our team of skilled technical SEO specialists has successfully moved. Using our team for your migration has the following advantages:

Structured Data Markup

Improve the understanding of your site by search engines

To help the search engines understand the key information on your website, implement structured data vocabularies (

Our technical SEO effort can result in improved search results by implementing structured data markup code (JSON-LD) on your website. Your company will become more visible and have better click-through rates as a result of improved search results.

Competitor Analysis

Know your market's competition

Our SEO staff dons detective hats and investigates your rivals. We thoroughly investigate the online presence of your competitors using a variety of SEO tools from our investigation toolbox.

We learn about both broad and specific competitors—at the local and national levels—while researching a variety of checkpoints, such as:

Image Optimization

The art and science of an optimized image

Users prefer a site with visuals: it makes content easier to digest, and—let’s face it—no one likes to stare at a big, daunting wall of text. (How quick can I hit the back button?!)

However, if your images aren’t optimized, you’re not providing a great user experience. And we know Google doesn’t like that (they’re all about a positive user experience—and so are we!).

Our SEO experts will take your images and optimize them for your users and Google’s enjoyment.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are crucial for assessing SEO performance.

With the help of our backlink analysis, we can analyze your backlink profile in-depth and identify the origins of your links and the web sites they refer to. A thorough study of backlinks identifies opportunities for link-building, which serve as the cornerstone of an effective off-page search engine optimization campaign.