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Increase Brand Awareness and Attract More Leads

Make the Right Decisions for Your Brand With PPC Advertising​

Make the Best Choices for Your Brand With PPC Advertising

The internet ecosystem is expanding right now, and websites are springing up like weeds. Nearly everyone is using the internet to plan their advertising strategies and maximize every conversion channel, from small businesses and franchises to eCommerce businesses and independent contractors. But with more marketing options come more difficulties.

Despite the accessibility of advertising resources and digital marketing avenues, some companies fail to reach their target demographic. As a result, businesses in the market are fighting an uphill struggle and making little headway with their internet marketing initiatives.

Make the Right Decisions for Your Brand With PPC Advertising​

Which is the better approach for your brand, SEO or PPC?

If you want to decide whether PPC, organic search, or a combination of these digital marketing strategies is the most effective strategy for your company, it's critical to understand your target demographics and study their online behaviors.



Increased organic traffic, brand visibility, online credibility, and customer trust can all be achieved through SEO. However, a lot of SEO agencies would advise you that it takes at least four to six months to start seeing results from your strategy. Only 5.7 percent of web pages rank in the top 10 organic search results for one term one year after publishing, according to an Ahrefs analysis. Additionally, it took even these best-performing websites two to six months to enter the top 10.

SEO is a proven method to boost organic traffic, create brand awareness, establish online authority, and win over customers. Nevertheless, a lot of SEO agencies would advise you that it takes at least four to six months before you can start noticing benefits from your SEO strategy. A separate Ahrefs analysis revealed that, within a year of publication, just 5.7% of web pages are listed within the top 10 organic search results for a single phrase. Even these best-performing websites needed two to six months to reach the top 10.



Pay per click marketing has established itself as one of the best and most affordable methods of online advertising over the years. PPC advertising enables companies to control their ad spending and position their brand products in front of the appropriate demographic at the appropriate moment and location.

Pay per click advertising gives you laser-focused visibility, which quickens the purchasing process and increases your conversion rate.

In an ideal world, SEO and PPC advertising methods together are the most effective at generating focused results. Integrated SEO and PPC strategies provide optimum visibility, attract targeted traffic, and provide lasting advantages. Pay per click internet marketing, however, can be your best alternative if you only have a limited amount of time to promote your brand products and have an impact on your niche market.

What Is Pay Per Click and How Does It Work?​

What Is Pay Per Click and How Does It Work?

Grow Your Business With Optimized Paid Search Campaigns

According to a marketing survey, paid search marketing benefits businesses in 79 percent of cases. In order to attract new clients looking for their services, about 62 percent of industry players claimed they will continue to expand their PPC ad budget in the years to come.

$10.01 billion was spent on pay per click advertising by more than 7 million advertisers in 2017 alone. Evidently, pay per click has grown to be one of the most popular marketing strategies for improving ROI. But what exactly is pay per click, and how can it boost your efforts in digital marketing?

The PPC professionals here at Astro Marketing will walk you through the basics of PPC management by defining sponsored search and describing how it operates. You have a better possibility of generating successful ads by comprehending pay per click procedures. Discover everything there is to know about PPC advertising and how our pay per click marketing company can assist you in succeeding.

What is PPC?

Pay per click marketing is a sponsored search strategy used to increase brand recognition, market product offerings, and get quick traction with particular audience segments. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) relies on marketers only paying when users actually click on their PPC advertisements.

When pay per click is mentioned or heard, most people immediately think of Google PPC. Pay-per-click advertising, however, extends beyond the Google Display Network and SERPs. The pay per click business model is also used by social networking websites including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

What is PPC?​

PPC enables advertisers to strategically place ads on a range of online marketing channels, increasing the visibility of their goods and services to their target market. This indicates that the online adverts you encounter are pay per click ads.